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»Gorski Oscar« gre Marku Prezlju

V soboto, 19. junija 2010 je bila podeljena nagrada Eigerja v Grindelwaldu, pred očmi znanih osebnosti iz sveta alpinizma, turizma in podjetništva.

Glavna nagrada je bila podeljena slovenskemu alpinistu Marku Prezlju.

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Press release: Eiger live / Eiger Award

19 June 2010

Presentation of the 3rd Eiger Award in Grindelwald

The «Oscar in mountaineering» goes to Marko Prezelj

On Saturday 19 June the 3rd Eiger Award was presented in the «Alpine-festive» surroundings of the Congress Hall in Grindelwald before the eyes of numerous celebrities from the world of mountaineering, tourism and business. The professional alpinist Marko Prezelj from Slovenia was awarded the prize worth 10,000 Swiss francs.

Of course the red carpet was not missing, but this was covered by stones taken from the foot of the Eiger north face. The guests therefore had to walk in much the same concentrated manner, as if they were on a mountain rather than in a congress hall. Access to the stage was also in the form of a stone staircase. The extreme alpinist, mountain guide and instructor Marko Prezelj easily faced the challenge as he arose to be presented with the Eiger Award. This distinction, the «Oscar in mountaineering» is awarded to people who, through their outstanding achievements in alpinism, succeed in bringing the value and fascination of the mountains closer to the general public.

The Slovenian was born in Ljubljana on 13 October 1965. During his early childhood he already developed a great interest in climbing. It is this curiosity that still drives him today. When questioned about his enthusiasm for mountaineering he claims: «In climbing, style is my first concern. The decision-making process is the challenge. Doubt and uncertainty are the essence; trying to balance them with my choices is the passion.» Mixed routes are the personal favourite of the father of two children: Mixed not merely in the sense that the route consists of a combination of snow, ice and rock. The more complex a route is, the greater the interest in challenging it.   For example on the Cho Oyu, a peak of over 8000 metres in the Himalayas, he opened up a new route on the northern side. On the Cerro Torre in Patagonia, together with Dean Potter and Stephan Koch, he succeeded in finding an alternative to the so-called Compressor Route.

Special Award

Michael (Micky) Pause was honoured with the Special Award. The German is well-known above all as the producer and presenter of Bavarian Television’s mountaineering programme «Bergauf-Berab».  He is though also an author, journalist and film maker. This distinction honours those people who have made an exceptional contribution to the conservation of the mountain world – whether it is in the form of culture, ecology, tourism, in the rescue service or in research and instruction.

Alpine-festive Event

In 2010 the presentation took place in Alpine-festive surroundings in the Congress Hall in Grindelwald. Röbi Koller, the well-known radio and television presenter, lead us through the programme. In the hall an Alpine atmosphere reigned that was supported by impressive pictures of the mountains taken by extreme sportsman and photographer Thomas Ulrich. Linard Bardill, the musician, performed songs specially composed for the Eiger Award. The evening was rounded off by culinary specialities offered by the wardens of the Bernese Oberland mountain huts.

Eiger live/ Eiger Award
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